Dear Future Music Theory Experts,

Growing up, the most challenging aspect of learning piano was struggling to learn to read sheet music. For some, sight reading came effortlessly, but this certainly wasn’t the case for me. So much so, that I would physically have to hand write every note on the sheet music. I struggled to understand the relationship between the notes on the sheet music and their location on the piano, which meant I struggled to learn to read sheet music.

As a piano teacher, I have witnessed countless students share the same struggles. Having such a deep love for teaching and sharing my passion, I was determined to find a solution that would make it easy to learn to read sheet music. I wanted my students to be able to tap into the excitement I had, so they could become more independent and creative from the very beginning — the sooner they learned to read sheet music, the faster their own love for piano could blossom.

Since then, I’ve been determined to find a tool that accelerated this process. I couldn’t be more excited to present to you this new key to reading sheet music — Notematch. A grand staff that sits behind the black keys of the piano, this useful tool helps bridge the gap between reading the music and understanding the location of the notes on the piano. It works on all pianos, from keyboards to uprights and even to grand pianos. Having used Notematch with more than 40 of my own students, I can guarantee it will get you well on your way to reading music correctly in just one lesson! Shop online to get one for yourself or your budding pianist and see what makes this the best way to learn piano.

Thank you for your support. We can’t wait for you to try Notematch.

Tara O’Brien
Inventor of Notematch

Make Learning To Read Music Easier


Notematch is a visual aid that helps piano students do more than learn to read sheet music; it helps students understand music theory.


Created by an experienced piano teacher who struggled to learn to read sheet music, Notematch is made to help sight reading be a breeze.


We are proud to announce that Notematch is finally available for purchase! Order here and see why this is the best way to learn piano.

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