We all have the same goal – to make reading music easier!

Whether you’re trying to teach yourself piano or want to find the most effective ways to learn piano for kids, the team at Notematch can help! Not only do we offer a great tool to help anyone learn to read sheet music, but we also partner with other great piano learning tools and services. Take a look below at some of our partnerships!



Note Quest – Note Quest is a powerful, but simple flashcard app with a focus on Landmark Notes and Intervals.


Piano with Jonny – PWJ is an innovative online music education company that offers online piano courses for all levels and ages!


Sight Reading Factory – makes practicing the important skill of sight reading easy, effective and fun! You can customize and generate unlimited sight reading examples instantly, on-demand for music educators, students and hobbyists of all ages and abilities.


Note Rush – Note Rush is a very kid-friendly app that helps students associate notes on the staff with the keys on their piano!



Make Learning To Read Music Easier


Notematch is a visual aid that helps piano students do more than learn to read sheet music; it helps students understand music theory.


Created by an experienced piano teacher who struggled to learn to read sheet music, Notematch is made to help sight reading be a breeze.


We are proud to announce that Notematch is finally available for purchase! Order here and see why this is the best way to learn piano.

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