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A grand staff made of whiteboard material that sits directly behind the black keys of the piano, Notematch allows you to see exactly where the notes in the music correspond with the keys on the piano. Because of its writable and erasable material, Notematch can be used, song after song, until you or your student is a music theory pro.

Notematch is circa 20 inches long by 4 inches tall, and 16th of an inch thick. Its perfect dimensions fits nice and snug on ALL pianos, from keyboards, to uprights, to grand pianos!


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"Read Notes In 5 Minutes!"

What an invention!!!!! NOTE MATCH will help you learn how to read your notes on the keyboard in 5 minutes! Yes, it is true.

- Audrey Maria

"I Couldn't Believe The Difference!"

My 8 year old daughter started using it a few months ago and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. She enjoyed choosing her own silly words and it helped keep her from getting frustrated when she forgot notes.

- Melissa Rohde

"Perfect For All Piano Students – Even Advanced Students!"

- Caroline Beard

"Notematch Is Key!"

I began learning piano at age 48(!) and had only limited musical experience. In particular, I didn’t know how to read music. Learning piano and learning to read music is like trying to pick up two foreign languages at once. Notematch was key to my progression. I didn’t need to spend time searching blindly on the keyboard for what note to play. Notematch allowed me to just focus on my finger skills and fluidity. I learned two evocative pieces from La La Land in my first 6 months. Even though I’m still a beginner, I’m already playing fun, interesting songs. I don’t see how I would have made such progress without Notematch (and of course Tara’s unparalleled guidance as a teacher).

- Shayne Hughes

Make Learning To Read Music Easier


Notematch is a visual aid that helps piano students do more than learn to read sheet music; it helps students understand music theory.


Created by an experienced piano teacher who struggled to learn to read sheet music, Notematch is made to help sight reading be a breeze.


We are proud to announce that Notematch is finally available for purchase! Order here and see why this is the best way to learn piano.

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