NoteMatch Book 1


If you’re looking for a book that will teach a beginner student how to read music from the very beginning, look no further!

Tara invented NoteMatch in 2016 and was determined to create a book that paired directly with it. This book was finally released in August, 2020! 😁🥰🥳👏🏻

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NoteMatch Book 1 is going to be the only resource you need to teach note reading to your students from the very beginning. This book gives children the freedom to explore notes! It covers all the notes within the grand staff. With fun and interactive pages, this workbook doesn’t feel like work to students! 🤪

The book is covered in cute illustrations and also incorporates the note reading game app, Note Rush, which is an app that all students LOVE! If you aren’t already using Note Rush, download it here! 

There’s no better trio for helping kids learn to read music!

You won’t believe how quickly your students read notes with the help of this book, NoteMatch, and Note Rush. The workbook follows the same teaching framework throughout each group of notes being taught: A mini piece, a mini composer section, a flashcard section, and a Note Rush section! 


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